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We Sanitize Duct Surfaces with Benefect Disinfectant

Why should I disinfect?

Many germs, such as Strep, Staph, E-coli, as well as Athlete’s Foot fungus, and mold & mildew, can contribute to severe or dangerous health problems. Germs can live up to 3 days on surfaces that you and your children touch. Desks, phones, and keyboards have an average of over 20,000 germs per square inch. Toilet seats average 50 germs per square inch. People don’t get sick from the cold; they get sick from bacteria, viruses, fungus, mold and mildew as well as acquiring respiratory problems from germs. Disinfecting with Benefect Disinfectant can kill those germs without using any dangerous chemicals.

When should I disinfect?

The general rule of thumb: clean if it’s dirty, disinfect if you think there are harmful germs.

What will Benefect kill?

Benefect has been proven to kill 99.99% of tested bacteria, virus, fungus, plus mold, mildew and odors. The EPA classifies it as “broad spectrum” or hospital grade (#74771-1).

What is the EPA?

The EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency, is the U.S. government agency that regulates chemical products such as insecticides and pesticides. The EPA is responsible for registering the tested effectiveness and classifying the safety of each product for use for both the consumer and the environment. Before an insecticide, pesticide (disinfectant) may be sold; it must be registered and approved by the EPA for kill claims and safety.

What does it mean when you say hospital grade?

The EPA’s definition of a “broad spectrum” disinfectant is one that has shown to kill all three of the major classes of organisms.

Bacteria – kills both gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, including:

  • Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella cholerasuis and Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Fungi – kills at least one pathogenic fungi
  • Viruses – kills pathogenic viruses (Sanitizers are not broad spectrum since they are only meant to reduce bacteria levels.)

Is Benefect safe?

It’s a disinfectant, and so by definition, it kills germs. The EPA is very clear that a “killer” should never be classified as “safe.” However, The EPA has four toxicity categories.

Toxic means able to cause harmful health effects. Because Benefect has the unusual classification of Toxicity Category IV, no first aid statements are required.

Toxicity Category I ……………………DANGER

Toxicity Category II …………………WARNING

Toxicity Category III …………………CAUTION

Toxicity Category IV…………………None Require-Benefect Disinfectant’s Category


Why do so many companies claim their products are non-toxic?

Go to Consumer Reports site concerning label information: http://www.eco-labels.org/labelIndex.cfm. Non-toxic is a non-regulated term. Some label words and phrases that have little meaning, and their use on a label are not verified, include:
• Earth Smart
• Eco Safe
• Environmentally friendly
• Environmentally preferable
• Environmentally safe
• Fragrance free
• Green
• Nature's friend
• Non-toxic

Some terms are very meaningful:
Our products that have specific, independent certifications are very meaningful.

Some of these certifications include:

EPA-Registered Broad Spectrum Disinfectant (74771-1):www.epa.gov

EPA Category IV disinfectant:www.epa.gov

Green-certified with Environmental Choice (CCD 146-I) www.environmentalchoice.com

Carpet & Rug Institute certified:www.carpet-rug.org

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Air Duct system - is your family's Health!

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What is Air Duct Cleaning?
How clean is the air you breathe?

  • Remove dust, fungus, mites, bacteria
  • Asthma sufferers can be helped
  • Allergy symptoms can be reduced
  • Utility bills can be lowered
  • Indoor cleaning can be reduced
  • FACT: One out of six people who suffer from allergies do so as a direct result of the fungi & bacteria in air duct systems (Total Health & Better Health Magazine). Children are more likely to be affected by polluted indoor air (Department of Consumer Affairs).

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By carrying out Duct Cleaning service you will ensure that you, your family or employee are safe from any potential Allergens that often exist in the air-ducts of your property - it can be absolutely anything from dust, dump, animal fur or debris. Please don't forget to clean your ducts!

Cleaned ducts = your health!